Helpful tips to help you survive the independent college years. We all know it's hard letting go (well maybe some of us don't care), regardless, I'm here to take this lovely journey with you! My name is Katrina and I am the founder of this blog. I'm attending Roosevelt University and am super excited to live in the Windy City! Please don't stalk me, but feel free to ask questions and submit your own advice, stories, etc.
Young Adults Adjusting to Life

Your future plans;

"If you plan to work for Goldman Sachs in four years, your entire future seems to rest on you whether you secure a seat in Accounting 101. But this is a misguided approach. You should use your first few semesters to take the courses most dissimilar to your goals. If you plan to major in business, take a course in French New Wave Cinema or British Lit. If you think you’re a chemist, take physics. If you want to speak Hebrew, take Arabic."


Wake Forest University, Graduate